How To Start a Comedy Career On Craigslist


Chances are it's been at least a few months since we had a chat-chit face to face. If we have seen each other recently, hooray for us! Either way, I wanted to reach out and connect with you.

First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are managing to remain healthy, happy & hopeful through the Covid-19 outbreak. Between the pandemic & the global fight for civil rights, this has been a period of rapid change & upheaval for many of us.

Simply put, these are challenging times and I hope you are finding ways remain positive, energized & inspired throughout.

We can & will be a better for all of this turmoil. It's clear that our "normal" was not cutting it and 2020 will be a massive pivot year for society to create a better normal for everyone. 

Please know that if there is anything you are struggling with, feel free to reach out and connect with me if you think I may be of service. One thing our isolation has taught us is that we all need human CONNECTION. ...

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