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Inside The Audition features high vibe chats with actors and film industry pros, hosted by Joe 'Lars' Larsen and Brandon Knox.


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Who is Joey Freddy Larsen?

Born in Orillia, ON Canada, my showbiz start came in 2009 when I answered a Craiglist ad: So You Wanna Be a Comedian? resulting in an exhilarating standup debut at YukYuks.

Three months later I was the warmup act for the award winning late night talk show "London Tonight with Jeff Leeson".  My role expanded to announcer, writer, producer and standup tour opener for Jeff.

Some Highlights So Far:

  • Working with Jason Momoa on his epic series SEE (APPLE+)
  • 5 episodes as "Lou The Main Man" on Oh Yuck! (NETFLIX)

  • 20 episodes on sketch comedy series Almost Genius (CMT CANADA)

  • Lead role in Fear Thy Neighbor (DISCOVERY)

  • Recording my debut standup album Silly Goose in my hometown Orillia, ON.

Laughing Vikings launched in 2017 to produce live comedy shows, podcasts and TV & film content.

Our community Actors Audition Club helps professional actors shoot auditions, elevate performance and book dream roles. 

Laughing Vikings' mission is to uplift, inspire and empower a global audience by helping actors and comedians share their stories via tv, film and live performances.

Featured Podcast Episodes:


Mary Lou Rosato is an actor, director and teacher that has been working on stage for 45+ years. She teaches Shakespeare and Voice with the Todoroff Conservatory and Yale School of Drama.



Lars checks in from NYC where he's attending an intensive training with Todoroff Conservatory before heading back to LV Toronto. We chat about going after your dreams, NYC magic, and share some actor training. 



We celebrate our 50th episode by looking back at how Laughing Vikings got started. Our mission is to uplift, inspire and empower a global audience by helping actors share their stories via film & live performances.