Meet James Larsen: Brother, Drummer, Dreamer.

Meet James Larsen.

James is my middle brother. (I'm the baby of three sons.)

This weekend was James' 50th birthday.
He was born July 3rd 1970 in British Columbia.
James died Dec 7th 2003 in New York City living his dream.

I'd like to share some of James' life with you today. 

This is James displaying his "deadpan" humour in Hollywood. Or is that Leo DiCaprio?

Clearly I'm not the only one in the family with a sense of humour. James was super funny. He was forever making faces. He'd bug his eyes out and stretch his mouth to opposite sides of his cheeks. It was terrifying and hilarious. He'd make up dumb songs, repeat weird catchphrases, and he was a king of sizing up a scenario in public, then leaning in to your ear and dropping a stealth bomb of hilarious mischief. 

James grew up to be a bonafide 80's rock star drummer.  James moved to New York City and was a part of music projects across multiple genres as a drummer and producer. He also worked for ABC &...

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