Season #3

Hey there, folks!

It's your favorite podcast host, Joey Freddy Larsen, bringing you another enlightening episode that's packed with humor, inspiration, and bags of wisdom — a triple-threat!

In this episode, yours truly spills the beans on my latest on-set antics, funny gaffes and all the unforgettable wisdom-infused moments.

Joined by the dynamic duo of Brandon Knox and Erin Elizabeth Reed, we dive headfirst into the wild and hilarious world of auditions.

Trust us, it's a rollercoaster of fun, inspiration and never-to-be-repeated bloopers!

Highlights from this episode include:

1. My personal jumble-up-of-a-story! A tale of how I almost missed a callback to a mislaid email—but hey, we got back in style, thank you very much.

2. The laugh-til-your-sides-hurt saga of building a solid audition team that's more than just a support group—it's a band of merry Audition Heroes!

3. A lively discussion about strong character choices in auditions—not for the faint-hearted! Hear the tales of where making audacious choices booked the role.

4. Balancing the act, literally! We go all Zen about maintaining routine, self-love, and caring for our mental health while staying committed to our roles. Expect hearty laughs, awkward silences, and genuine conversations!

5. Lastly, we delve into the art of exciting comebacks into reality after being deeply immersed in roles—sometimes it's more drama off the set than on it!


Brandon and Erin, our lifeboats amid the ocean of chaos, keeps us anchored, providing nuggets of wisdom at every turn.

Together, we fervently promote positivity, as we unravel stories of decisions made out of love and shed light on the significance of a supportive casting team, and the high-five moments when directors sing your praises.

Can't wait to see you at our Actors Audition Club!

We promise equal parts support, knowledge-sharing, and laughter.

And that's a wrap for this episode!

We're buzzing with excitement for the next time we catch up.

Till then, stay funny, stay inspired, and keep nailing those auditions!


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