Season #3

Woah! Hold onto your headphones, folks! This episode of Inside the Audition is guaranteed to leave you hanging on every word.

I'm your host, Joey Freddy Larsen, and my co-host Brandon and I sat down with our guest to pick her brain, laugh a little, and gain some monumental nuggets of wisdom.

We've got Tara O'Brien gracing our show this time, an exciting actor and producer who's been brightening our screens and captivating our hearts.

Tara’s journey is a roller-coaster ride of perseverance and undeniable passion in the entertainment world.

Join us as she takes us through her colorful career, from making her own movies as a kid to landing roles in hit productions like True Dating Stories, and a much-buzzed-about sci-fi thriller.

In this chat, not only do we dive into Tara’s world, but the conversation also evolves into a masterclass on positivity, self-belief, and the art of enjoying the process.

We also delve into the inner workings of auditioning and self-tapes, where Tara shares first-hand tips for nabbing your dream role.

Together, we're throwing a spotlight on the importance of being one's biggest cheerleader and staying bulletproof in the face of rejection.

Packed with humor, inspiration, and invaluable insight, this is an episode that every aspiring actor and creative can’t afford to miss!

Suddenly itching to know what we're discussing? Have a brief look at the key topics we danced around:

- Tara's thrill ride in the entertainment industry

- The magic of filmmaking since childhood

- Decoding auditions and successful bookings

- Joy as the secret ingredient to creativity

- Unveiling the mystery of audition process and self-tapes

- The art of celebrating wins, big or small

- Nurturing a supportive, collaborative atmosphere in studio

Joining in the fun, we've got mentions of entities that shaped Tara's journey and our show's vibe for the day.

And once you’re done listening, go and give Tara a follow on Instagram @thereelsnowwhite.

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