Season #3

Welcome listeners to another glorious day in the 'Inside the Audition' universe! I am your host, the one and only Joey Freddy Larsen! Get ready and fasten up your seatbelts because today, we're taking a dive into the fascinating world of fitness in acting!

In this action packed episode, my compadre co-host, Brandon Knox and I are graced with the presence of our extraordinaire guest, actor and fitness guru himself - Francis Dufour!

Prepare yourself for an inspiring rendezvous filled with insightful tales and nuggets of wisdom as we glide through Francis's exhilarating journey of self-discovery and all things acting.

Together in this expedition powered with laughter, enlightenment and a healthy dose of reality, we discover the wonderful intricacies of auditions, and divulge secrets on how to conquer them! So join us as we spill some tea on great strategies for success.

Now, here are the delectable menu of topics that we will savour in today’s smorgasbord:

- A run-through Francis's colourful journey: From New Brunswick to Toronto Film School.

- The Magic Terms: Setting crystal clear goals, defining specific objectives, and acceptance of one’s unique self.

- The Great Audition Dissection: Walking through the maze of auditions, with sprinkles of insightful survival tips.

- Fitness for the Thespian: Living The Ferrari Life. Nourishing the body and spirit - a sacred pilgrimage towards the ultimate acting prowess.

- The path of self-love: Sustaining a healthy, energized body during auditions and on set - it's not as daunting as it sounds!


Don't forget to reach out to Francis for the golden keys to fitness powerhouse-dom and uncover the treasures in the Actors Audition Club!

Tune in, stay sharp and keep your fabulous spirit alive.

And remember, you are more powerful than you can ever imagine!

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