Season #3

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Inside The Audition!

There's never a dull moment with your hosts, Joey and Brandon, as they gallantly navigate the often-bumpy terrain of auditions with a sprinkle of charisma and dollop of humor.

Where there’s stress and anxiety, they're throwing in laughs and a supportive nudge to remind you - it's okay to be both playful and professional. Worried you're the only one sweating bullets? Fear not! Our hosts dive into the madness behind the process, making you feel less alone and more ninja-like!

As they joyfully introduce new members, they also read out testimonials that'd put a Broadway standing ovation to shame. Capturing heartwarming experiences of actors such as Joyana T and Laura Danowski, this episode creates an inspiring tapestry of thespian triumphs.

A standing ovation to Gianni Aprile, Tara O'Brien, and Bo Martinowski for their awe-inspiring feats! This episode’s stars have unleashed their acting prowesses and as a result, are enjoying rounds of industry applause.

In this episode, they reassess the age-old firm handshake philosophy, trading it with a new mantra of auditions: be reliable, be prepared, and be adaptable. Forget about skeletons in the closet - we discuss what casting directors really crave: a professional actor who's as reliable as a Swiss clock and as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

The Actors Audition Club is the promised land. It's not just a place; it's THE place. We're talking live audition workshops, training videos, and exclusive entrance into the hottest acting community. If that's not the red velvet rope treatment, we don’t know what is!

So, buck up thespians, join us for a rollicking episode where insights, tips and stories full of inspiration await you. Here's your backstage pass to mastering the art of auditioning and landing those dream roles.

Key discussion points:

- Turning audition stress into audition success

- Celebrating milestones of Inside The Audition's journey with a grin

- Warm welcomes and rave reviews: meet our superstar members

- A rousing applause for our actors-in-focus this episode

- Taking a VIP tour of the many perks of Actors Audition Club

- Joey and Brandon's irresistible audition commandments: reliability, preparation, adaptability

- Investing in professionalism: our top tip for that casting-director approval stamp

- The art of the audition: striking a balance between personal touch and script reverence

- Emotional intelligence: putting EQ in action for audition brilliance


In the spotlight:

- Inside The Audition podcast

- Actors Audition Club

- A standing ovation for Joyana T, Laura D. Danowski, Gianni Aprile, Tara O'Brien, and Bo Martinowski


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