Season #3

Hey there champions, it's your mate Joey Freddy Larsen, coming at you with episode 148 of Inside the Audition. Here's the lowdown on the laughter and learning we've got for you in this latest go-around.

First off, Brandon and I are at our cheeky best, igniting the episode on a rollicking note. Want to freebie self-tape session my friends? You grab that chance just by bustling in to tell us our secret word.

We briefly digress away into our ongoing debate on Tom Todoroff’s techniques - Unfamiliar? No sweat, join the masterclass and it'll be no mystery.

Now, here's the juicy bit. As actors, we are brilliant chameleons- slipping into roles, spinning a web of fantasies and revealing profound truths. This show, we'll dive headfirst into that chaotic beauty, from game playing and role playing to mystery, secrets and vulnerability. What's our main tool? Just good old fashioned creativity and depth. "All the world's a stage" hasn't been more accurate, my friends!

To cap it off, a little something for our ambitious contenders out there-- let us handle your professional commitments with the Actors Audition Club at rates that won't break the bank!

Episode Highlights:

- Opportunity for listeners to win a free self-tape session.

- Discussion and exploration of the Tom Todoroff technique.

- Invitation for listeners to join Tom Todoroff's masterclass.

- Insights into the importance of game playing and role playing in auditions.

- Deep dive into acting concepts such as mystery, secrets, and vulnerability.

- Promotion of Actors Audition Club's professional services at discount rates.

Seeking a good laugh? Don't miss out on our Comedy Alley shows in magical Toronto. Trust me, your funny bones won't forget it! So, pull up a seat, plug in your headphones and let's set the stage on fire with episode 148 of Inside the Audition!


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