Season #3

Ladies and gents, it's your friendly podcast host, Joey Freddy Larsen, ready to take you behind the curtains of Episode 147 of Inside the Audition. Now, if acting is your playfield and auditions your game, trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

In this episode, we're turning the spotlight on guideposts six through ten of the Tom Todoroff Masterclass. Prepare for insights that are more revealing than a magician’s trick on a Saturday night show!

Here’s what's hitting your eardrums:

- Explore the game-changing 'Houdini Act' of using vocal variation. Get ready to charm your audience like a snake whisperer with just the right notes.

- We’ll let you in on the secret ingredient to a successful scene – 'Making discoveries.' Transform your performances to Indiana Jones level of adventures!

- Are you ready to become the 'Dumbledore' of feelings, effortlessly sending and receiving them on cue? Stay tuned.

- Ever regard a scene’s physical location as just fancy props and backdrops? Think again! It's more impactful than a plot twist in a thriller.

- Story structure, the hidden recipe to a compelling narrative. We'll help you master it like Gordon Ramsay.

- Hang tight as I share a heartrending tale about my late brother. This tale runs as deep as the inspiration ink in me.

Sign up for the Masterclass and join our merry troupe at Comedy Alley. You're in for an emotional rollercoaster, a treasure trove of tips and enough giggles to make a hyena jealous.

So, good folks of the acting world, tighten your seatbelts, tune in to Inside the Audition, and let’s take your auditions from satisfactory to stellar! Actions speak louder than words; here, our words will spur your actions. Let's get acting, shall we? Happy listening!


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