Season #3

Welcome to another delightful episode of Inside the Audition! This ride is piloted today by none other than yours truly, your host and buddy, Joey Freddy Larsen, joined by the brilliant Brandon Knox. Buckle up, my aspiring actor friends, for an exhilarating dive into the thrilling universe of auditions. We're pulling back the curtains, throwing light onto the dark corners, and bringing the wonder of auditioning to life. Whether you're a hopeful starlet or a veteran Thespian, we've got something just for you!

As we set out on today's enlightening adventure, we are:

- Building anticipation for Tom Todoroff's power-packed master class on no-fail audition techniques that are guaranteed to give your performance that extra punch.

- Illuminating your path with master strategies and power tactics to turn your auditions from lackluster to lustrous.

- Unveiling the triple threat of performing arts: relaxation, concentration, and imagination, and how to harness these superpowers for stellar and convincing performances.

- Letting you in on the secret to maintaining cool composure in the face of jitters and butterflies by understanding and befriending your personal nervous system.

- Delving into the exciting diversity of audition settings: the stage, the set, the oft-nerve-wracking callback, and even the mysterious world of Zoom.

- Unraveling the three distinct universes every actor must traverse: auditions, rehearsals,

and performances.

- Revealing techniques to make bold and confident choices during auditions that highlight your unique talents and range.

- Presenting the magical 15 guideposts that are sure to turbocharge your performances into the stratosphere of awesomeness.

Stay tuned for today’s star-studded ensemble, featuring many of our favorites: Tom Todoroff, Lynn McIntosh, Marko Ivancicevic, Cheryl Poirier, Jen Foster, Anto Chan, Jeremy Dobski, Nitish Sakuja, Bob Rubin, Cathy Boyd and Jay Rainville! Get ready to be inspired, be informed, and above all, be entertained! This is one rollicking ride through the universe of auditions you don't want to miss!


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