Season #2

To create a vibe is to elicit an emotion – that’s what Mo and MoVibe are all About. It has been estimated that Moneen has spent somewhere around 37,000 hours at the microphone! Career highlights include co-hosting a Morning Show with the Emmy Award Winning Tom Bergeron, narrating with The Boston Pops and interviewing celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar and Linda Ronstadt.

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Episode #106: Moneen Daley


10:43 Visit laughingvikings.com/auditionhero to access valuable workshop replays.

19:11 Discover Moneen Daley’s 1-minute life story.

24:51 Be in the know of Moneen’s first performance.

29:57 “Being able to have our emotions easily accessed, but managed is really the work of the actor and the director together".

30:44 Find out Moneen’s first professional gig.

32:57 “I learned from the streets”.

34:40 Tips to make things happen for you

35:46 “The shortest distance between two places is sometimes the straight line”.

42:09 Tips that top performers do constantly.

1:06:02 Learn about MoVibe  

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