Season #2

Countdown with me...3...2...1... 

 ...and LAUNCH! 

Cut the ribbon, cue the dance music, and start the audition parade!  

We've officially opened the doors to Actors Audition Club!  

This is the culmination of my 13 years in the acting business, combined with 5 years of extensive feedback from hundreds of actors inside Actors Audition Club. It's been perfected to include exactly what you need to become an AUDITION HERO in order to create auditions that land you the dream role, the dream life, and it's all waiting for you in just a few clicks away...  

If our live Audition Hero training blew you away and you're ready to take the next step, click the link below to join Actors Audition Club now:  


Now listen, I know some of you have probably already sworn off buying any more courses...  Well, Actors Audition Club isn't an "online course" (more on that later)  Which means you might be teetering back and forth, wondering...  Is Actors Audition Club right for me?  

GRRREAT question.  I answer that specific question in today's *SURPRISE LIVE BROADCAST*

By the time we finish, you'll know--for sure--if Actors Audition Club is perfect for you...or not.  

Either way, don't you want to know?  

You'll also find out EXACTLY what's included in your membership...(and why it's so much more than a "course" or "workshop").  

If you've ever felt like you're stuck on the sidelines---watching other actors (people no different than you)---booking roles in TV and Film like it ain't no thang...  

...while you're spinning around in circles, totally frazzled and trying your best to gather all your scattered pieces from the floor...  

What do they have that you don't?  

In fact, why don't we do this? Tag me in the FB Group once you've watched the broadcast...  And let me know if you're IN or OUT. I want to hear from you, regardless of your decision.   

We're in this together, okay?  



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