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"I can't picture doing this any other way. Truly. You've changed my life! 

It's just very fun to see you guys and work with you. You guys usually have a bunch of good ideas so it doesn't stop with the technical. We make a lot of magic!"

-Chris Sandiford

(What We Do In The Shadows, MoonFall, God's Favourite Idiot)


"They treat my audition as if it is their own.

I don't know what I would have done without them. It's like the universe knows exactly what I needed in every part of life. It was such a pleasure working with them. They were part of my success and they have been with me since day one."

-Jereen Ignatious

(Auto Shankar, Seethakaathi, Kaala)



"My agents are always pleased with the quality.

They work with you to enhance your performance, make suggestions, and never rush. Booking online is easy, even same day, and membership saves you money. You guys always make great suggestions...things that I hadn't considered before.It's just fun! It's fun to play!

-Phil Luzi 

(Bad Blood, New Eden, Terrific Women)



Transform Auditions & Elevate Performance with Actors Audition Club

  • Establish professional first impressions and lasting credibility with casting directors and producers in your marketplace.

  • SAVE TIME and get professional coaching & direction. No more shooting with untrained friends & family.

  • Showcase your best work, hit tight deadlines and gain the confidence of your agent. 

  • FULLY EXPRESS your authentic talent and BOLD CHOICES for casting!

  • And... Actors Audition Club handles all camera, editing & file transfer tech, so that you can RELAX and just FOCUS on ACTING and having FUN! 

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"I love the comradery and the coaching.

They always know the right thing to say and they couch it in the right language. They give it a framework and terminology so that it can anchor itself in your brain. They really make you feel like you are doing your best work. They really want to see the success of all actors."

-Adam Daniel Mezei

(The Ace & The Scout, Execution Tryptych, Isthmus)


"Always takes me to another level."

Since the pandemic whenever I get auditions I just have way more time to put more effort into it. 


-Chris Robinson

(The Boys, Workin' Moms, Pillow Talk, Odd Squad)



"You can be in control of your auditions and submit what you want casting to see at the end of the day.

The nerves of doing in-person much can be alleviated when they're able to prepare a self tape."  

-Carolyn Sterling

Agent/Manager-Grand Wave Entertainment


"They want you to bring your best effort each and every time. It's a great atmosphere.

Energy is everything and your thoughts are things, so when you are with good energetic and enthralled people, you know that you are going to do a great job. Thank you to everyone at Laughing Vikings!"

- Shaquille James-Hosten

(12 Monkeys, Murdoch Mysteries, Beauty and the Beast)


5 Common Myths that STOP Most ACTORS from Getting What They Want:

"I can't afford to INVEST in my career until I book more roles."

You DON’T need to spend thousands to create the AUDITIONS you want! You can get started with the equipment you already own, your mobile device, or at the very least, spend less than a few hundred dollars to get to that next level!

My training as an actor has a completion date.

Wrong! As in all areas of life, those that continue to learn, adapt and grow will thrive the most! The demands of an acting career keep us all extremely busy, but you simply can’t afford to ignore your own growth any longer. And if you learn how to do it the RIGHT way, auditions get easier and easier to record. 

My career as an actor is all about WHO I know.

Stop waiting for someone else to "discover" you and go after what you want. Every business is first "what you know".  We know just how overwhelming self-submit auditions can be. This is why we show actors that with the right mindset, systems and processes, auditions don’t have to be rocket science. It CAN be simple and fun! And today, technology like mobile devices and simple editing platforms makes it easier than ever before!

I'm a great actor, BUT I'm just NO GOOD at auditions.

Until you are getting direct offers or creating your own roles, your job as an actor is to be an AUDITION PROFESSIONAL! Not mastering your audition system IS the bottle neck that will slow any actor down. This is why we show our members simple tips that improve your auditions process to save you hours of time WITHOUT sacrificing the quality of your work!

“My career as an actor is a "solo journey.

Anyone who ever did anything truly great will tell you it took teamwork! If you aren't building a team of people to support your audition process then you have a long lonely road ahead of you. Joining a supportive community that you can rely on for support in crafting your auditions get your faster results and will change your career.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek into what's working for AAC members...

Inside Actors Audition Club, you'll get:


Monthly LIVE Audition Workshops

Monthly training sessions to share audition tips, strategies & industry trends. Group coaching through live Q & A to help you improve your auditions and book more roles. Can't make a live session? No problem, catch the replay in your members area. 

Audition Hero Academy Video Series

Core training videos that walk you step-by-step  From how to improve your performances and mindset to advanced camera techniques and  strategies. New training added weekly.

Private Members Community

Join our international community of Audition Heroes so that you can connect and collaborate with like-minded actors to share resources and support each other. 

Book Selftape Audition Sessions & SAVE 30% OFF 7 days/week as an AAC member. 

Need help with an audition? Connect with one of our professional session directors 7 days/week via Zoom. We help you rehearse, record and submit a professional audition so that you can focus on having fun performing. 


- Paula McNeill 

(Schitt's Creek, Titans, Hemlock Grove) 

 “So much better than fighting with my husband about his lack of reading skills.

 Wonderful experience and great people! So great to be introduced to Laughing Vikings and have a safe space to play :)"


- Steve Patterson 

(The Debaters)

"An audition tape I am proud of.

Lars ran a fabulous session, allowed me to indulge all my own choices and gave excellent notes that I immediately incorporated. He also read as a convincing 12 year old girl (a testament to his own talent and range!) In the end, we came up with the rarest of things that I will actually watch again myself because it was a fun and rewarding experience."



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Meet Actors Audition Club Creator: Joey Freddy Larsen


In 2009 I was in a corporate career with a nagging knowing that I wasn't following my dreams.

So I made the decision to start a life on stage and film as an actor, comedian and creator.

First, I answered a Craigslist ad "So You Wanna Be a Comedian?" resulting in an exhilarating standup debut. 

Three months later, I was a warmup act for "London Tonight with Jeff Leeson" which led to a gig as writer, announcer, producer and opening act on standup tours. 

In 2012, I moved to Toronto to do standup every night and start working in TV & Film.

Some Highlights So Far:

  • Acting with Jason Momoa on his epic series "SEE" (APPLE+)
  • Playing "Lou The Main Man" on Oh Yuck! (NETFLIX)

  • Cast member on Almost Genius (CMT CANADA)

  • Lead in an episode of Fear Thy Neighbour (DISCOVERY)

  • Recording my debut standup album 'Silly Goose' in my hometown Orillia, ON and releasing it during a pandemic. 

Laughing Vikings launched in 2017 to produce live comedy, theatre, tv, film, commercials, voiceovers, podcasts & digital media.

Our mission is to uplift, inspire and empower a global audience of ONE BILLION PEOPLE by helping 1000 actors produce and share their stories via TV, Film & live performance.

Shoot Selftape Auditions in Less Time without Stress, Tech Troubles or Bugging Untrained Family Members so that YOU can Elevate Performance & Create Your Dream Roles in TV, Film & Theatre.

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